1000 Beautiful Things: Mount Washmore

laundry-mountainsToday I saw the picture on the right in my Facebook newsfeed. My oldest son, Louis looked at it said, “That’s our house!”

In case you didn’t know, I work full-time. My day job is the most amazing, fulfilling, dream-job and I am not being sarcastic. And I am a Mom. Wife. Friend. So somewhere along the way corners will be cut. In our house the largest area of neglect is affectionately referred to as “Mt. Washmore.”

downyMt. Washmore is the enormous pile of laundry in the basement. While some families have piles of dirty laundry, we have piles of clean. Beautiful piles and piles and piles of clean clothes. Just waiting to be ironed. Oh, I have an ironing compulsion. It smells really, really good because thanks to the power of magic and Amy Sedaris a product exists that makes my filthy, stinky, boy clothes smell like heaven. For weeks. Downy Unstoppables, like Amy Sedaris, are amazing.

Very few people have been allowed to witness Mt. Washmore and they include my mother (who has offered to fold), HVAC repairmen, and our next-door neighbor Jeremy. Not even my closest friends have been allowed down there. Really.

I used to feel guilt that I wasn’t better about folding and putting away clothes. I’ve had lots of advice over the years about how to tame the pile.

If you take the clothes right from the dryer and hang them up you won’t need to iron

Yes, I will. I compulsively iron everything that I wear except for underthingys. In fact, I love ironing.

If you wash one load at a time and put it right away, it won’t pile up.

Yes, it will. My problem is this: I hate folding clothes and putting them away.

If you organize a space down there you will be motivated to keep it clean.

You really don’t get this yet do you? I have a folding table, hanging shelf, clothes line, and ironing board/iron wall unit to contain my tools. Still, no folding.

Instead I have learned to accept and embrace something –

I will not conquer Mt. Washmore and I will still live a meaningful life.

When I was little my grandmother made this picture and it hung on the wall in my parents’ house for yearscleaning-and-scrubbing_g104394

I value hugging my boys, reading books, playing in the backyard, and heck – zoning out on Facebook more than folding clothes. I’ve embraced “letting it go” and smile at that pile of fresh clothes scattered over 3 baskets, the folding table, and cement floor – and that is a beautiful thing!


3 thoughts on “1000 Beautiful Things: Mount Washmore

  1. I smiled when I saw Muzzie’s crewel stiched picture all these years later. You have your priorities right! I am honored that I am one of the few people that has seen your clean clothes pile. Want to have a folding party:)

  2. No, I do not want to have a folding party! Calling things parties doesn’t make them more enjoyable. I will stick with my tried and true method. Wash, dry, dump in designated clothing area, search for clothing items, iron, repeat.

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